FEBRUARY 4, 2015

A CHALLENGE chapter 3 is finally online! This was delayed by 2 months due to freelance work. Aiming to get back on schedule with Chapter 4.

Speaking of delays, Black Raven [AKA: Mythomania 2] can now be seen on YouTube! We shot this back in 2012, but hit major post-production delays. Funnies Sunday [AKA: Mythomania 1] was also re-edited with a new soundtrack and plays much better as a single film.


OCTOBER 8, 2014

A CHALLENGE chapter 2 is now online! A certain iconic martial artist/movie star makes his first appearance.


AUGUST 9, 2014

I almost forgot to mention this here, but I did some last-minute
art assists for Bryan Lee O'Malley's amazing new book, Seconds.
Although I only worked on it for a few days, I was excited to
contribute and honored to have my name in it.

I was also pleasantly surprised upon it's release to find an
appearance by our band, Alive Swan [seated from L-R:
Mary Kobayashi
, Kevin Farzad, me, & Bryan]!


AUGUST 8, 2014

I'm Angry Reader of the Week at ANGRY ASIAN MAN!


AUGUST 1, 2014

My new comic, A CHALLENGE, premiers today! It's the story of brilliant young martial artist Jack Wong, his volatile roommate Frank Yuen, and aspiring actress Nancy Wing. It'll be serialized bimonthly with a new chapter every two months, 8 chapters total and projected to finish by Summer 2015.


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